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1.a The following terms apply to the use of the services provided by Henceforth the terms will be referred to as 'Terms.' These terms apply to the service provided by (henceforth referred to as the 'Provider' or ‘We’), and include use of Provider's site while browsing and placing an order. Users who successfully register and place an order henceforth are referred to as 'Clients.' These terms contain important information about your rights and obligations while using Provider's service.

1.b Use of Provider's website.
By using the Provider's website, including submitting an Order (defined below) and/or payment for any Services (defined below), you agree to be legally bound by these Terms. By accepting to use services provided by the Provider then you accept the Terms laid forth.

1.c Amendment of Terms
We may change or add additional items and disclaimers to any section of these Terms without notice as we review policy; add new services or alter existing services we provide. If you accept to use the Provider's services then we recommend reviewing these conditions from time to time.


Users may engage to provide written works by accessing and registering on our client portal, and placing an order for a job to be done. Once payment is completed per the terms below, accepts the job and in so doing it becomes an 'Order.' We reserve the right to modify the Services provided from time to time without notice. To use the Provider's Site and place an Order you must be legally eligible to enter into a contract in the jurisdiction where you are located.


To place an Order, you will be asked to register (registration is only required once. Subsequently you can use this registration for future Orders.) Registration is at no cost and furnishes The Provider with your basic contact information e.g. Name, email address, telephone number. Once registered you will be able to submit an Order. It is your responsibility to update your registration profile whenever changes occur so that the information we have is current. To place an order for any of the Services you will need to submit the work requirements by providing the information requested on the form. The Order will contain the scope of work, level of work, subject/field, citation style and other special instructions, including required delivery time, that you have regarding an original written paper/essay/work, to be drafted and delivered to you in accordance of our Terms.


By submitting an Order you acknowledge and agree that:
- Any Order delivered by the company to you may not be used by third parties, nor distributed commercially or otherwise.
- If the company finds that a completed Order has been shared in a manner inconsistent with our Terms the Provider reserves the right to discontinue further interactions with Client.
- All completed Orders delivered by Provider to you are for research or reference purposes. Services are meant to provide material for reference. We recommend that usage is within guidelines set forth by institutions that have assigned the written work.


During the registration process you need to provide your name and e-mail address (which will be your username for on the website Portal) and select a password. You must keep this account information secure and not disclose or share it with anybody.


Upon successful placement of order the agreed upon delivery time selected by client will be used to determine the latest time that completed order is to be submitted by Provider. All instructions and supporting documents should be provided at time order is being placed. Any changes submitted by client after order has started processing will reset the work clock. The time of these submissions will become the new order start time. To ensure no delays we highly advice that all pertinent material is provided at time of Order placement.


We do not share any of Client's personal information with any 3rd party under any circumstances.

7a. Information we collect from the 'Client' is pertinent to completion and payment for order. This information is listed below:
i. Name, Address, email address and phone contacts
ii. Credit/Debit card and/or Paypal credentials.
iii. Details of information required to fulfill an 'Order'

7b. We never sell or share any of the collected information with any 3rd party. We only use it towards the fulfillment of current and subsequent Orders.

7c. Should you elect to deactivate your account, and hence delete your registration record please contact us by any method provided on the 'Contact Us' section of the Provider's website. You are responsible for all activities and Orders associated with this account. Provider is not liable for any damages arising from failing to keep Client's registration credentials secure. We reserve the right to temporarily de-activate your account if we suspect illegal activity. If we do so, you will be notified through contact information provided in your Registration profile.


By placing an Order you acknowledge and that:
i. Completed order is for personal/non-commercial use.
ii. Terms of payment cannot be modified after Order has been placed.
iii. Use of information provided with order is one-time use and must reasonably disposed off to avoid further use not stipulated upon placement of Order.
iv. All Clients’ final work should be properly cited.


Access to Provider's website is strictly for personal use. Under guidance set forth by U.S laws users may not use this site for unlawful purposes including but not limited to abuse, obscenity, harassment or fraud. Any illegal use that results in a breach, or render Provider's ability to operate the site impossible will be faced with legal consequences upon the instigators of said activity to cover any financial losses and legal fees associated with the litigation of such action.


Your rights set forth under these Terms are not transferable to another party and neither is use of your account by a third party permissible. We maintain the right to transfer our rights under these Terms to another business or entity with the provision that service to our clients is uninterrupted. Terms remain unchanged under such a transfer unless written notice is provided to all registered clients.


By placing an Order on Provider's website you are making an offer to purchase a service from Provider. The fee for this Service is calculated for Client based on the rate table accessible on Provider's website. It is due on placement on order and no work commences until payment is made in full.


All submitted Orders come with no guarantees and are non-refundable unless Provider is in violation of any of the binding terms set forth in this document. If a completed Order does not meet your requirements Provider is obligated to make at least one additional review provided specific instructions of amendments are submitted by client.


In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of our service within the agreed upon terms contained herein. We are not liable to Client or any parties affiliated with Clients as a result of proper use of our services. We are not liable for any damages to computer software or any device used to access services through the website maintained by Provider.

If you have any questions please contact us using the most convenient method listed under the contacts page on our website.

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