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Frequently Asked Questions

Confidentiality is one of the key principles of this service. Our guidelines are so strict that even the writers processing your order will never know your identity. We do not share clients' identities with writers and under no cirmcumstances shall we share your information with a 3rd party.
  • Client registers, then places an order and makes payment.
  • Your order is matched with a writer who is skilled in that field.
  • Paper is written and submitted to our Q.A team to check for errors and originality.
  • Complete paper is sent confidentially via email to address on file.
  • In the rare event that this happens, you will find that our customer service team is here for you. Just tell us what you are not happy with and we shall make all attempts to correct this. It is also advisable to list all the special instructions when placing your order to ensure that our skilled writers get it right the very first time. If we did not fulfill the terms of our agreement, then we stand behind our money-back guarantee.
    To protect your identity we strictly discourage direct contact between writers and clients. With the advent of an ever-growing social media, it is no secret that information spreads very fast. To mitigate any unforseen future damages that could arise, we would like to ensure that no personal information can be divulged. To enable communications between clients and writers we use a proxy system to safeguard that communications do not violate company policy, but still ensure that critical information is disseminated promptly.
    While we certainly know you will be hard pressed to find a service that's cheaper than ours and still matches our high level of quality, we welcome competitors' coupons and price match guarantee. You will never spend a dollar more than you should in return for our great work.
    Our papers are 100% original. We check for plagiarism using all major online services before we deliver them to you.
    As per our terms and conditions, failure to deliver a paper within the specified time is a violation on our part. We have checks and balances to ensure that papers will be delivered on time. We monitor progress on the writers' end so leave that worry to us. We also recommend that you give yourself ample time to review the paper before the deadline, i.e if you have a paper delivered to you on the day it's due then you may not have enough time to review and for us to make any adjustments (if needed.) Make sure our delivery date is a few days before the actual deadline. Please, note that our stipulated delivery time begins when ALL materials, documentation and information to process your paper is submitted.

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